Exhibition. FIELDS: Bricks. Bilzho.

On October, 11th in the M-gallery the exposition of unusual objects will be open. More truly, objects, inherently, even very ordinary – they are bricks. But it is not simple and with the history, carrying on a "epoch press”, to be exact, brands. The collection of Roman Bocharnikov there are about 80 such copies made during the mid-XIX - early XX centuries. What is brick? A particle of the general. We are consists of bricks. One brick - storage media about the whole. Very few people know that the brick is the oldest building material. In the Bible there is mention of a brick of time resettlement of people after the Great Flood. "And they said to each other: let us make bricks and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone "(Genesis 11:3). Objects of this Assembly are the legacy of times of the three empires: the Russian, Austro-Hungarian and the British. The geography of gathering is extensive enough and totals more than ten cities: the most interesting artifacts are taken from collections of Petersburg, London, Lvov, Sukhumi ... Nevertheless, the basic part of a collection – a local origin: Rostov, Novocherkassk, Taganrog. Curious Rostov copies was found in Nakhichevan, in Maximova’s barns (wrongly called by people "Paramonov's Warehouse"), near the house of merchant Panin, the mansion of Baron Wrangel. All of this - a symbolic place of the city on Don. Unfortunately, today many houses interesting from an architectural point of view, destroyed, and in their place erected new buildings, often spoiling appearance of the old city. The more important in « object from ruins » to keep a particle of a historical building which leaves in nonexistence. That's just the practical element of local history: it is possible to look at archival photos, and you can also collect them. According to organizers of the exhibition of creative offices Stainless. and its curator and designer Sergei Nomerkov, the challenge will be not holding the event with local history slant, but the idea of bricks as contemplated substance, encompassing the essence of art object. Within the limits of the concept, vintage objects are placed in the entourage of the chamber of medical institutions, where usually calm upset nervous system. Therefore participation in the exhibition attracted a well-known “brain researcher", TV presenter and artist Andrew Bilzho (creator of the character" Petrovich "), which with its graphic construction certainly bring a fair share of "soothing" in the design of the exhibition. 11.10.2008 - 17.10.2008