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For the first time will be presented the artist Valery Ivanovich Kulchenko, unknown to Rostov viewer, and his exhibition "Favorites. Valery Kulchenko "continues the project" “Teryaev’s pupils”.

Valery Kulchenko is an artist of subtle coloristic talent. His multi-faceted talent revealed in the chart easel, watercolors, landscape and genre painting. One of the young leaders of the "exacting style" in 1970s, he was "open" at People's Artist of the USSR, by vice president of the Russian Academy of Arts Tair Salakhov on a selection of works for the First All-Union Exhibition of Youth "Youth of the Nation" in Moscow. The best works of the painter had been procured by the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, awarded diplomas and prizes of the Government.

Artworks of the artist is a huge majestic world, seen emotionally - through joy and heartache. Master unconstrained in the choice of artistic language. People and things, nature and the sky find an unexpected fresh vision in his work. The relationship with nature is living permanently in love for the accuracy, in a clear constructive construction of composition.

Opening: 14.03.2009 at 18.00.

The exhibition catalogue has been published.