"Слепой художник" или "с ножом на электричку"

Draft Vadim Morozov


Artist Vadim Morozov, being in Rostov - on - Don, implementing the project for the "Art Basel 2011. / Art without borders. Altar of the Church of the Passion of Christ in the form of reliefs from forged steel and neon cut threads, gratefully accepted the invitation of his closest friend - the artist Alexander Lishnevsky, to participate in the First South-Russian Biennale of Contemporary Art. Inspecting the work presented at the Biennale, has found two excellent artists from Taganrog. Lady Victoria Barvenko and Mrs. Svetlana Pesetsky. The author was struck by the power, just the energy and clear pristine strength and purity of their works, and Vadim Morozov invites artists to participate in its project ...
Lacking confidence in the authorship of Pablo Picasso, the phrase "the best artist, the blind artist" - V. Morozov, however, decided to realize the long cherished project.

Explication of the project.

In August-September 2010 will be held daily action creating paintings, works in complete darkness ...
The artists will be provided on three pieces of banner fabric, size 2 * 3m, strung on metal stretchers.
The theme, material and time schedule, each artist defines itself.
This will create three working areas - shops, deprived of light, but equipped with night vision cameras, an image with each will be continuously broadcast on the Internet, throughout the action. After 24 hours, the picture will be open.

Visualization: Vlad Sokolov and Julia Nikolaeva

Rostov City
"Tobacco factory" / The southern terminal / "Escorial" On October, 11th 2010начало Zh-m-PROJECT


Project partners, group of companies.
Fishman/Russia/. ABAMEDIA/USA/. "Sobaka.ru" magazine, M-gallery.