Chernov Sasha

Chernov  Sasha

Born in 1962.
1979 - 1983 Grekov’s Art School.
Personal exhibition:
2004 "Better than Deep Purple», gallery "Montmartre", Rostov-on-Don
Group Exhibitions:
1991 "Luxury goods", festival "Minifest", Rostov-on-Don
1992 «Luxuries from Russia», Amsterdam, Netherlands
2008 "Hot season", M-Gallery, Rostov-on-Don
2009 "Flying Asleep and Awake", M-gallery, Rostov-on-Don
2009 «REMAKE», M-Gallery, Rostov-on-Don

«Prostrated centaur»,  сanvas, oil
«Сonveyor»,  сanvas, oil, 52х80 cm, 1993
«Milk and honey»,  сanvas, oil, 69х63 cm, 1993
«The rape of Europa», сanvas, oil, 147,5х126,5 cm, 1993
"Trinity",  сanvas, oil,  110,5х120,5 cm, 2000
«Тemple», сanvas, oil,  104х90 cm, 1993
«Sphinx», сanvas, oil, 2000
«Lot’s daughters », сanvas, oil, 99х99 cm, 1994
"Fans of nectar", сanvas, oil, 88х95 cm, 2000
"The attraction", canvas, oil, 70x84 cm, 1993
"Still-life with the black Bacchus " canvas, oil, 50x60 cm, 1994
"The card house", canvas, oil, 99x105 cm, 1997
"The girl with an enema", canvas, oil, 60x40 cm, 1997
"Still-life in a web" canvas, oil, 60x50 cm, 1997
"The singing" canvas, oil, 110x130 cm, 1996
"The secret" canvas, oil, 100x100 cm, 1997
"Angel and the dwarfish sphinx" canvas, oil, 124x91 cm, 1993
"Callas" canvas,oil, 70x35 cm, 1999
"The skin of a leopard" canvas,oil. 1999
"Angels in the rain" canvas,oil, 1998